Explore Arizona Mug

Explore Arizona Mug

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Tempe, Arizona


Our mission is to inspire for an adventure whenever it can be. With every hand-made print, you choose to hang on your wall and every plastic-free mug, you choose to start your day with, you become a part of the movement dedicated to the conscious and self-made future.

From the centuries-long Ukrainian artistic tradition and the craft of organic hemp canvas production to the modern days American printing technology and the vision for the sustainability in art, Couloir is trying to combine the best from both worlds.


Explore Arizona coffee mug is made from the high-quality food-grade stainless steel and coated with porcelain enamel in a two coat process that results in a smooth surface preventing it from altering the flavor of coffee or tea.

The original artwork is melted into enamel surface at over F400. This process ensures that your favorite mug is going to stay as is without having to worry that the image washes off or gets scratched. All the production is done locally in Arizona.

3.5 Inch Diameter - Stands 3.25 Inches Tall
Beautiful Solid White with Chrome Trim Finish
Stovetop and Dishwasher safe
Enamelware is not intended for microwave use


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